The Problem With Forever – Jennifer L Armentrout


5/5 Stars

I was so happy that I got the opportunity to review this book of of Netgalley as Jennifer L Armentrout is such a wicked author and I’d heard so man great things about her books already. I have to say that this isn’t the sort of book I would usually read, it isn’t an epic fantasy or a book with wizards and fae but it does hold a magic of its own. It was so heart rending and I was so touched by the writing and the down to earth manner that the author so perfectly depicted all the characters.

Basically the book is about a girl called Mallory who was in care for half her life and had a horrible childhood, the only light in  her life being Rider, the boy she grows up with. After a terrible accident, Rider and Mallory lose touch and don’t see each other for 4 years, they both change so much and then one day Mallory goes back to high school and they meet. Sparks fly and they begin their journey back to each other, finding out about one another and questioning life and the changes they have made.

I was literally so caught up in the story that I stayed up so late the night that i got the eBook and I cant wait for the paperback to come out so I can have a copy of my own to hold, eeeeek. I have to truly congratulate Jennifer for her ammmmmmazing story and character development, she nailed the emotions that the reader should feel and took me on a journey that I wont forget. You know those books that start to fade in memory over time but always have a special place and an emotional attachment to you, this was one of those books.

I really enjoyed the exploration of the back story and the twist at the end with is so heartbreaking but so well written and makes the reader question everything. Urgh, you just feel so much, and that’s how you’re supposed to read right? with feeling? This is the first eBook galley I have ever read and I literally can’t wait to read more of this authors work and get my hands on a copy of this one to add to my collection! Might have to wait a while though because very poor from buying so many books at once, aha!

Its hitting the shelves in a few weeks I think, possibly sooner in the US, but readers in the UK like me can look forward to an epic romance, a teen roller-coaster and some wonderful memories. I hope you take the time to check out Jennifer L Armentrout’s books and work as its so worth it and I would hope that you love and treasure The Problem With Forever as much as I do.




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