Paper Butterflies by Lisa Wetherfield


4/5 Stars

This was such a strange book, good strange but a completely new read from start to finish. I was really confused at first by the jumpy story line from past to present but when I got into it, it was a really speedy read and I managed to finish it all in one night!

Lisa Whetherfield has managed to construct a surreal world of such a sensitive nature. I absolutely love the author for choosing to write not only about abuse and she’d light on the issue, but for the fact that she acknowledges there are so many more forms of abuse, especially in children than physically hurting them. This book hits so hard and really shows the ways that a person can be damaged to their core, driven to extremes and how constant, unexplainable, unbearable fear can change you as a person.

The relationship between Blister and June is one of sacrifice, trust and saviour. Blister is Junes rock, her anchor in a swirling world of torment. A world where she can see no out and there is very little hope. In a world like that, one person can become your everything. The author has captured the soul of this and the alternative worlds between Blisters family and June’s highlight the different experiences of childhood and the way that two people never live the same story.

Not only does this book show coming of age, love, loss, and guilt. It also deals with the issues of the death of a parent and other sensitive topics such as CF in a child. You would thinknow that pushing all of that into one book would be too much but it is all handled so well.

Overall a slightly confusing passage of time but a really solid book about children and people in general fighting through unbearable things, stumbling, being pulled up and the undying hope that there is always something better


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