The Girl From The Paradise Ballroom

This book was really interesting as a first read from this website. I really liked the way that the story was set out in the midst of a war as I’m quite a historical fiction buff. It was so fun to read. I found the focus and the plot really interesting as it explored the point of view of the Italians in the great war which is something that i haven’t come across before now.

I adored the romance between Olivia and Antonio and devoured their forbidden love because that is one of my favourites, when two people cant be together but find a way somehow. I wasn’t sure how it would wrap up as i could only assume that it was all going to turn sour. i think people will be pleasantly surprised though. The way that the author empathises with the culture and the love story really gets you gripped.

I have never read a war story set between England an Italy, so this was my first and very enjoyable in that respect. Exploring the descriptions of the places and the culture and the respect that the author has for the two was really cool. It wasn’t surprising that the Italians were treated almost like the Japanese in this respect but it was heart rending and it did allow the reader to empathise with the characters.

I read this for review and my review is that it is well worth the read. As an independent adult fiction it is great to explore the aspects of culture, society, war and romance and to branch out from my usual YA fiction. 3.5-4 Stars.


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