Smoke by Dan Vyleta

smoke by dan v

3/5 Stars

You know what, I am actually really stoked that i read this book. It was a little out of my genre zone but i actually really enjoyed reading it and I’m actually so happy to say that i could be meeting the author on Friday at my local bookshop as he is in England to visit.

I was surprised by how poignant and deep this bee was and as i read more i learned all about the underlying morality issues and questions it raised too. I couldn’t help thinking that this would have been a great book for me to study for A Level.

I so enjoyed the adventures with Thomas and Charlie and Livia of the noble births and the awesome addition of the smoke rising from the sinners. To learn a persons true nature from visual prompts is such an interesting premise. I especially loved the boys relationship and the way that they formed a bond based on mutual dissolution and questioning of all that was the norm.

I actually also really liked the way it was set out as a historical dystopian and the fact that the description of old London and the like was really detailed. I loved the passages about the school trip to London and the weird teacher student relationships of the boarding school then moving out into Thomas home and through the family questions too. Answering Thomas inward question about whether sin and evil could pass through the bloodline.

There was so much symbolism in this book too, subtle, obvious all of it very cool. the smoke being the most obvious representation of crimes and sin and then little underlying themes like the Beasley and Sons sweets, do they cure the smoke problem? Like i said, would have been perfect for my A Level English!

I really hope there is a sequel to this fabulous book and there could be from the sounds of things as Dan Vyleta is such a thought provoking and riveting writer and i really thoroughly enjoyed this read. A brilliant book and would recommend highly.


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