Minor Gods – A.M.Yates

minor gods

3.5/5 Stars

Book sent to me in exchange for an honest review, this does not impact my views or review in any way.

This was a really refreshing read by author Amy Yates, I had previously never heard of this series until I was sent a review copy of the book and what a read it is!!



Josie Day has spent her life training to lead the Core—summoners who use ancient masks to channel the elemental powers of the gods. But then her mother is murdered by a mysterious Earth Goddess. And the power meant to be Josie’s passes to her sister instead. Worse, the Earth Goddess escapes. Now, Josie must prepare her sister to lead the fractious Core. Except her sister would rather be hanging at the mall with her too-perfect boyfriend. And, in truth, Josie would rather be hunting down the Goddess. When the Goddess returns and attacks, a shadowy Fire God comes to the rescue. But until Josie knows who is behind the mask, she isn’t sure she wants his help or the heat igniting between them.

With the Goddess plotting a war against humanity, Josie has to accept what she’s lost if she’s going to save what she has left. (Taken from Goodreads.com)


Minor Gods is such a good read, I was so impressed by the action and the impact of the book and the brilliant character build up throughout the novel. The idea that people can posses magic enough to build masks and inhibit Gods is so unusual and the original story line was something I fell for straight away.

I definitely felt more for the characters of Minor Gods and was really impressed with the growth of Josie and her complicated relationships with her sister and the other characters. The beginning was such a smasher too, imagine diving into a death straight away, it reminded me of the thrill of game of thrones.

Josie is such a good protagonist to write and read from as she is not the infallible character that you expect her to be but you see her development and her progression over time through the novel and the hardships that she has to overcome. The loss of a parent so early in the book was a real shock to the readers system but set up a very descriptive and well balanced plot line very quickly. The romance between Judah and Josie is amazing as well. It took time for Tessa to grow on me but by the end it was easy to emphasise with her as well. It must be horrid to be thrown out of your comfort area into the turmoil of responsibility and power.

I was genuinely surprised by the way the plot went and the twists as you find out who the villain of the story is, as far as YA novels go it was a brilliant read and i was really impressed by the attention to detail and the way that the novel leaves you wanting more. The plot surprises and the amazing narrative really made up for any YA novel predictability that could have come about.

The idea behind the narrative and the unique new twist on the old gods and humans story-line where people can actually learn to control and allow gods to inhabit them was amazing, so creative and very worthwhile to read. In summary a definite 4.5/5 read and the words that I express cannot do the story justice in themselves. Don’t just take my word for it though, take a leap, buy the book and see for yourself.


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