Smoke by Dan Vyleta

smoke by dan v

3/5 Stars

You know what, I am actually really stoked that i read this book. It was a little out of my genre zone but i actually really enjoyed reading it and I’m actually so happy to say that i could be meeting the author on Friday at my local bookshop as he is in England to visit.

I was surprised by how poignant and deep this bee was and as i read more i learned all about the underlying morality issues and questions it raised too. I couldn’t help thinking that this would have been a great book for me to study for A Level.

I so enjoyed the adventures with Thomas and Charlie and Livia of the noble births and the awesome addition of the smoke rising from the sinners. To learn a persons true nature from visual prompts is such an interesting premise. I especially loved the boys relationship and the way that they formed a bond based on mutual dissolution and questioning of all that was the norm.

I actually also really liked the way it was set out as a historical dystopian and the fact that the description of old London and the like was really detailed. I loved the passages about the school trip to London and the weird teacher student relationships of the boarding school then moving out into Thomas home and through the family questions too. Answering Thomas inward question about whether sin and evil could pass through the bloodline. Continue reading


The Girl From The Paradise Ballroom

This book was really interesting as a first read from this website. I really liked the way that the story was set out in the midst of a war as I’m quite a historical fiction buff. It was so fun to read. I found the focus and the plot really interesting as it explored the point of view of the Italians in the great war which is something that i haven’t come across before now.

I adored the romance between Olivia and Antonio and devoured their forbidden love because that is one of my favourites, when two people cant be together but find a way somehow. I wasn’t sure how it would wrap up as i could only assume that it was all going to turn sour. i think people will be pleasantly surprised though. The way that the author empathises with the culture and the love story really gets you gripped.

I have never read a war story set between England an Italy, so this was my first and very enjoyable in that respect. Exploring the descriptions of the places and the culture and the respect that the author has for the two was really cool. It wasn’t surprising that the Italians were treated almost like the Japanese in this respect but it was heart rending and it did allow the reader to empathise with the characters. Continue reading

Paper Butterflies by Lisa Wetherfield


4/5 Stars

This was such a strange book, good strange but a completely new read from start to finish. I was really confused at first by the jumpy story line from past to present but when I got into it, it was a really speedy read and I managed to finish it all in one night!

Lisa Whetherfield has managed to construct a surreal world of such a sensitive nature. I absolutely love the author for choosing to write not only about abuse and she’d light on the issue, but for the fact that she acknowledges there are so many more forms of abuse, especially in children than physically hurting them. This book hits so hard and really shows the ways that a person can be damaged to their core, driven to extremes and how constant, unexplainable, unbearable fear can change you as a person.

The relationship between Blister and June is one of sacrifice, trust and saviour. Blister is Junes rock, her anchor in a swirling world of torment. A world where she can see no out and there is very little hope. In a world like that, one person can become your everything. The author has captured the soul of this and the alternative worlds between Blisters family and June’s highlight the different experiences of childhood and the way that two people never live the same story. Continue reading

The Problem With Forever – Jennifer L Armentrout


5/5 Stars

I was so happy that I got the opportunity to review this book of of Netgalley as Jennifer L Armentrout is such a wicked author and I’d heard so man great things about her books already. I have to say that this isn’t the sort of book I would usually read, it isn’t an epic fantasy or a book with wizards and fae but it does hold a magic of its own. It was so heart rending and I was so touched by the writing and the down to earth manner that the author so perfectly depicted all the characters.

Basically the book is about a girl called Mallory who was in care for half her life and had a horrible childhood, the only light in ┬áher life being Rider, the boy she grows up with. After a terrible accident, Rider and Mallory lose touch and don’t see each other for 4 years, they both change so much and then one day Mallory goes back to high school and they meet. Sparks fly and they begin their journey back to each other, finding out about one another and questioning life and the changes they have made. Continue reading